Four Reasons to Have Mobile Dealership CRM

You can probably remember the time when you needed to dial a landline phone to log into the web. That was quite an innovation at that time; however, things have gone way better than before because of the accessibility of the internet wherever you go. The internet makes the world on the go with a big chunk of the population owning a smart phone. This makes it sensible for dealerships to have an auto dealer CRM to keep up with the shift in people’s lifestyle.

A lot of dealerships already adopted the dealer CRM system; however, still don’t have mobile capabilities. If you are one of these dealerships, you can make the most out of CRM’s mobile features especially for boosting your sales. Here are some of the benefits of A CRM mobile app.

Scan Customer and Vehicle Identification

As a dealership, you will need to get customer information as their driver’s license and vehicle identification number (VIN). The task doesn’t need to be complicated and time-consuming. A mobile CRM allows you to scan the trade-in’s VIN barcode and this will capture the vehicle’s VIN, trim/style, model, make and year. Also, you can scan the barcode found on the back of the driver’s license. These capabilities prevent paperwork errors as the barcode directly provides all essential data.

Access Customer Info Wherever you Go

There are times when you need check customer information and made an instant decision while you are not in your office. You might lose a chance to get a customer’s business if you cannot do this right away. A mobile CRM is your best friend in terms of needs like these. You can call customers wherever you may be or send text messages. Plus being able to reply to customer texts is a total game changer.

Sync Information from your Desktop App

Whatever information your desktop app has can also be accessed from your mobile CRM app. This ensures that you will always know what’s going in the business regardless of where you log in.

Allow the Addition of Photos to Up Sheets

Adding photos to up sheets is possible with a mobile CRM app. You attach a photo from your phone’s gallery or take a new one using the camera of your phone. Such photos are the trade-in of customers, the vehicle they are purchasing from you or a picture of the customer with the vehicle following the purchase.

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