5 Amazing Benefits of Industrial Metal Coating

Industrial metal coating is a booming industry and it’s here to stay. Metal coating is used by manufacturers to protect and beautify the surface of metal products. Metal finishes are also sometimes used on non-metal products to make them look expensive and chic.

Wondering how metal coating is performed? These metal paints are either sprayed or painted on a surface. There are various methods by which you can metal coat a surface or an object. Some popular method includes hot dipping, anodizing and electroplating.

Are you new to the world of industrial metal coating? If yes, then keep reading to get a complete guide on the benefits of industrial metal coating and popular metal coating methods.

Popular Industrial Metal Coating Methods

  • Hot Dipping

Popularly referred to as galvanizing, in this type of metal coating, steel is immersed into hot zinc to get a coating of zinc oxide. The zinc oxide layer makes the steel resistant to rust and increases the durability of the steel. Hot dipping is commonly used for metal surfaces which have complex structures or ones which are exposed to harsh conditions and cannot be coated through spray paint for metal.

  • Electroplating 

Electroplating is a popular industrial metal coating method that is often used to paint complex metal surfaces. In electroplating, a metal surface is immersed in a bath which consists of a dissolved metal like nickel or chromium and an electrical current is made to pass through it. This leads to the surface being coated in a fine layer of metallic particles. It is commonly used to polish ornaments. Note that this type of industrial metal coating often results in an uneven metal coating.

  • Anodising 

In this type of metal coating, aluminium is made resistant to corrosion by increasing the thickness of aluminium oxide which is formed when aluminium is exposed to oxygen.

Benefits of Industrial Metal Coating 

  1. Improve the Aesthetics 

Industrial metal coating is often used to enhance the look and appeal of a product. Metal coating helps the manufacturers to make their products have a professional finish and look aesthetically pleasing so that the customers can’t resist buying them.

  1. Resistance to corrosion

A primary benefit of metal coating is that it protects a surface or an object from corrosion, chemical, heat, rust and other environmental factors. This increases the shelf life of the product and makes it last longer.

  1. Producing nonstick pans

Industrial metal coating is used in the food industry to produce nonstick pans. Metal coating helps to increase the quality of these pans. A major advantage of coating nonstick pans with metal coating is that it adds years to these pans by increasing their shelf life.

  1. Reduce friction

Metal coating is commonly used to reduce friction on a surface and to ensure the smooth functioning of the product. By keeping the friction in check, industrial metal coating makes it easy to maintain metal surfaces and products.

  1. Provides Electrical insulation 

Industrial metal coating is known to prevent static build-up and the current from passing through the surface of a metal object. It is also believed that by metal coating a surface you can improve its electrical conductivity.

While choosing the perfect metal coating method for your product, you must take into consideration several factors like the type of metal surface you are intending to metal paint, its usage and your budget.

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