Why buy your wedding trousseau online

Your entire wedding trousseau is available online. You just need to look for it in the right places.

For several years now, you have been excited at the prospect of getting married to the man of your dreams. You have been dreaming about the most special day of your life, wondering what the future will bring for the two of you. You already have the festivities mapped out in your head, and what you will wear for the different rituals.

Now that you have set a date, it is time to start shopping for your bridal trousseau. This is a matter of excitement and tension in equal measure. On the one hand, you want to pick the best of everything, but you are also left wondering how you can have the time to go shop-hopping all over the city.

Here’s an easy fix: buy your sarees, accessories and designer dresses online. It will save a lot of time and effort for you.

How to shop for your trousseau online

Depending on the venue, the theme and the kind of wedding you are about to have, you can include a variety of clothing, shoes, bags and make-up items in your bridal trousseau shopping. You can buy the best designer dresses online from the most premium brands. This is how you can put together your look and your trousseau:

* Number up the festive occasions and the theme for each.There may be a number of rituals and get-togethers in the run up to the wedding, and you will need different clothes for each. Make a list of all the important rituals and dates, and a corresponding list of the kind of dresses you will wear on each occasion. Now open a leading fashion site and start looking for the appropriate clothing for each ritual. On an average, you will need at least seven to eight types of clothing.

* You can even buy a bridal gown or saree for the big day.You might wear a gorgeous pure silk saree for the wedding rituals, and a stunning evening gown for the reception and after-party. Look at leading fashion sites for designer dresses or gowns, and pure silk sarees in the colours of your choice. These are created by leading design houses, so their sizes may vary from one brand to another. Be sure to check the accompanying size guide carefully. The evening gown must fit perfectly, leaving no room for slouchy shoulders or a baggy waist. Measure yourself before you place your order so that you can’t go wrong with the sizing.

* Try the dress on and walk around in it to gauge its fit. Immediately after the designer dresses are delivered to you, try them on and walk around in them to judge the fitting, whether you can move easily in the dress, if any of the dresses make you uncomfortable, and so on. Do not cut off the price tags or discard the packaging just yet. If you are less than happy with any of your purchases, put in an exchange or refund request on the site at once. Pack the dress as best as you can, and be sure to contact the site within the designated time periods for exchange and refund.

* Shop for shoes and make-up. Now that your clothing issue is sorted, it’s time to buy footwear to go with each dress and also the right cosmetics. Also stock up on hair and skin care products – these will keep you looking fresh and beautiful in time for your wedding day.

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