Paint by number mistakes that should be avoided by all means


Cleaning brushes before switching brushes is a brainer. To keep the brushes clean as you are painting by number. When you are painting by number, there are things that you should do and things that you should never do at any cost. For example, when you are painting, it is advisable that you consider starting with dark colors and finishing with brighter colors. Even with obvious tips to follow, some people will still make mistakes that will cost them. Some of those mistakes are made by beginners while some are made by professional paint by several experts. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by personalized paint by number beginners and how they can be avoided

Buying cheap paint by number kit

The first common mistake that many people do make when they are painting by number is buying or going for cheap kits. Original paint by number kits is the secret of getting your painting as perfect as possible. In addition to creating awesome art, paint by original number kits are always well-packed and they always come with tools of great quality. If you go for cheap paint by number kits, you should be ready to end up with a canvas that is wrinkled and ones that will automatically give you a hard time. Apart from wrinkled canvas, cheap paint by number kits comes with low-quality brushes. Instead of having a great time, a cheap paint by number kit will automatically leave you frustrated.

Ignoring comfort

This is a very serious mistake that many beginners do make when they are going for paint-by-number kits. To come up with great pieces of art, it is very important to make sure that you are very comfortable first. It is only when you are feeling nice and cozy that you will manage to come up with art that is great. Therefore, the first thing that you should consider doing is making sure that you have a well-lit, clean, and comfortable room to work from. A well-lit room is very important as you should be able to see patterns, shapes, and colors very well. If not, you will end up painting the wrong color at the wrong shape or pattern.

Using a cluttered work area

This is also a very big mistake that you should all avoid when you are using paint by numbers. Before you even get started with paint by number, it is very important to always know that keeping your work area clean is just as important as keeping your brushes clean. It is very important to clear the space of anything that can get wet or dirty. As a painter, you will with time know that paint has a way of getting itself into everything but the canvas. Also, when you are working from a space that is cluttered, you will be distracted easily.

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