Is It Worth It to Go and Watch the Match in A Stadium?

There have always been opposing views about both, going to the stadium and watching a match, or sitting at a local bar and watching the match on television. Every person has their own opinion on this. Watching a match in the stadium with roaring crowds, bright lights and fellow fans is an overwhelming feeling. But some still prefer going to their local bar and watch it with old friends.

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The following are some reasons why people prefer to watch the game in a sports bar, rather than going to a stadium.

  • Cost – Tickets for special matches are expensive and sold out months in advance. Furthermore, there are other costs that you must factor in such as transportation, food, parking, and a hotel if you plan on staying the night. A stadium could cost more than $100 whereas a bar would cost about $10 – $20.
  • Convenience – It is a hassle to drive or travel to the stadium. You need to spend hours traveling, and later finding a parking spot nearby the stadium. It takes a lot of planning beforehand. However, to watch the same game in your local bar, you just need to walk down the road.
  • Food and drinks – Stadiums provide a range of food and beverages such as soda, and other finger foods like French fries, and hotdogs. However, the food is usually of low quality but is highly overpriced, whereas sports bars provide higher quality food and drinks at a cheaper price.
  • Service – In the stadium when you are watching a match, you fight your urge to snack on something just because you have to climb the stairs and walk to the stand. But in a sports bar, the waiters serve you your food of choice whilst you sit and enjoy the match.

  • Variety – In a stadium, you watch the game through your seat from a faraway distance from the ground. You also might get bored during the course of the game. But in the sports bar, you can watch any game that you want, from any angle.


The above-mentioned points are enough for people to prefer watching h match in sports bars, rather than in the stadium.

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