Ask these yourself before buying a pdf editor

If you wish to buy a tool to edit pdf, you have to ask yourself some questions. In this article, let us discuss two such questions.

What are the necessary abilities of the pdf editor?

It is necessary to know the purpose of buying a pdf editor as it would help you look for the required features in it. Let us consider that you require pdf editors to convert files that contain a large number of images. If you end up buying a pdf editor that could not convert image files, your purchase will go to waste. So, you should know your requirements in terms of the product’s features and should select the converter matching those needs. Some of the demanding features are as below,

Non-text files – Some people would be working in non-text files such as CAD, Ansys, and similar software. At times, they would need to retrieve these files in the form of pdf and other text files. So, the tool should be able to do this if you are in such a profession.

Bulk conversion – If you are in an emergency where you would need bulk conversions of pdf files, you would have to buy a pdf editor that could convert several pdf files within a few seconds instead of converting one by one. So, you should look for the bulk-conversion feature in this case.

Image retrieval – If you work with images for a lot of time, you have to choose the converter that does not mess with images in the converted files.

Scanned conversion – At times, there would not be any documents to convert but would be a scanned copy or image. So, your converter should be able to provide a pdf or other text file of this scanned image without any hassles. If you deal with scanned documents, you have to choose this type of tool.

Segmented conversion – If you deal with larger documents of tons of words, you would have to convert or edit a specific bit of file inside them. So, you would require a converter that could convert a particular portion from the larger text without altering anything apart from the selected area.

So, you have to be clear with your needs for features in the tool before you purchase by considering the above-mentioned examples.

What is the process of conversion of pdf files using the tool?


Your work will not end when you buy a pdf converter. You have to understand the usage of the tool to make it possible to convert files on your own. Each tool will have a different user interface and it is necessary to make sure that you can work easily on that interface. It is always better to go with a tool that would convert your files in two or three clicks. If the operation of upload, conversion, and download itself is tedious, your experience would not be good with that tool. So, you should get the knowledge of using the tool before buying it.

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