Why It Makes Total Sense to Outsource

A buzzword of the moment, outsourcing has rapidly become the preferred option in most industries, indeed, there are industries that service industries, if that makes any sense. Why is outsourcing so popular? In a nutshell, the most cost-effective way to ensure a service is carried out properly is to outsource it to a specific third party provider. Logically speaking, it makes sense to seek out the help of a specialist, rather than go to the expense of having an in-house operation, and with cost cutting always at the forefront, outsourcing is an affordable option. It isn’t just the cost, in-house means devoting a lot of your resources to something that a third party could handle, which must have a negative impact on the business.

The Cost of Being an Employer

Many people are unaware of just how much an employer has to pay, not to mention the responsibilities that come with having people work for you, and for most businesses, outsourcing avoids hiring staff, and as the third party provider is industry specific, quality will always be evident. As an example, let’s look at a medium sized hotel with 40 rooms and a couple of restaurants, and think about the fresh linens they would require on a daily basis. The hotel has two choices, they can employ a team of specialist laundry workers, and give them a state of the art facility within the hotel, or the entire operation can be outsourced to a third party. The cost of directly employing laundry operators is far higher than outsourcing, and for this reason, calling in a third party is the best solution.

Outsourcing Equals Quality Control

When a service is contracted out to a third party, there would be a general agreement in place regarding the quality of the said service, and with so much competition, the service company would ensure client satisfaction at all times. A linen hire company would have their own QC department, which would identify and remove items that are either worn, or not completely up to standard, which means that the hotel or restaurant would always have clean and fresh linen delivered on a daily basis.

No Investment Needed

In-house servicing is a very expensive practice, as you not only have the employees’ salaries to pay, but you also have to invest in equipment, and this makes in-house servicing much less attractive. If you were to compare both options, outsourcing wins every time, and wherever possible, most organisations will outsource rather than keep the service within the company.

Whatever your chosen industry, the chances are you will outsource many of the essential services you need, and any service company can easily be located with an online search, and once you have forged an alliance, they will always make sure that your company has everything it needs to perform. This allows your staff to focus on the company’s goals, safe in the knowledge that essential services are being handled by a third party.

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