How to monitor your stock portfolio?

Stock market investment has the potential to give your money substantial growth if the market is in your favour. But it demands proper monitoring of the stocks you have invested in. But how does one do that and what all factors should be considered while monitoring the stocks? Let’s take a look.

Stay up to date with the latest news about the company

Stock markets today often move on news related to the company. Positive news could boost the stock’s price while negative news could have an opposite effect. By staying up to date with news relating to the company, you make sure you are ready to tackle the subsequent market movement. It also helps you stay ahead and be ready in situations where news that could have a potential impact on the company is expected to come out. For instance, if a company is going to announce their quarterly results, you could be ready for that with all the information you have. The results could impact the price of the stock and you could stay ready for the impact.

Check on the company’s performance

Whenever the company announces their quarterly or yearly results, make sure that you study them thoroughly and compare them with their previous results and analyst expectations to make sure the company is growing at a rate that could appreciate your money. But at the same time, one bad quarter should not make you exit the investment as well. Markets could be volatile and even the biggest of companies could have odd quarters where they lack performance. The key is to make sure they have the potential to bounce back.

Read all corporate announcements and follow shareholder meeting

The shareholder meeting is where all major company decisions are discussed and passed. By following them regularly, you make sure you are up to date with what’s going on with the company. This could include the company’s goals and plans for the future which could have a great impact on how they perform later. Not only that, making sure that the company’s plans stay in line with your investment goals is also important.

Corporate announcements are also important in this same regard. These announcements may contain important information related to the company, including management changes. This news could move the stocks and it could also positively or negatively impact that company’s performance in the future. Hence, you must pay attention to such announcements.

Pay attention to shareholder patterns 

Shareholder patterns, especially how the promoters of the company act, could tell you a lot about its future. Promoters are mostly the founders of a company and nobody could know better about the company and its future than the people who have founded it. This is the reason why how much of the company’s stocks that the promoters own becomes a very important metric. If promoters own a lot of stocks, it could be a healthy sign. It could also tell you what stocks to buy today or in the future.

How to get all this information?

All this information is readily available on the internet, whether it’s a news related to the company or information regarding its management. Make sure to follow regularly not only to keep your investment relevant but also to understand better what stocks to invest in.

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