Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tripod

You started your shopping spree for the camera accessories tripod and you don’t have an idea where to begin. What are the factors that you need to consider when you purchase a tripod? To purchase a tripod, it can be quite overwhelming experience, given the many different choices from compact to small, to heavy and large.

The following include the following:

Weight rating

What you need to look out for is the amount of weight the tripod you are going to buy will be able to support. Most photographers normally make the mistakes of purchasing a tripod which only support a few pounds and not meant for the heavy camera equipment.

What happens at the end of the day is obvious where the entire thing collapses, destroying the lens and the camera. Always ensure that the tripod you buy can support at least 2 times more the weight of your heaviest lens and your camera. Then at least denote that you keep it more than that. Don’t forget that you will at times apply pressure on the camera and there are times even when you want to rest you r hands on the setup while shooting with the long lenses, which will add extra weight. You could also add a battery or a flash grip to your camera in the future, or to potentially shoot with a heavier thing, so you have to always remember that.

Tripod height

It is recommended that you purchase a tripod which matches your height and thus, you don’t have to bend in order to look into the view finder. Once you are able to place the camera on the tripod, the viewfinder needs to be at the level of your eyes. It is fine if it higher than your eyes because you can readily adjust the legs to become shorter.

But if it is below the level of your eye, you will find it hard as you have to bend all the time, which can be an experience that will be quite tiring, especially if you will be waiting for action and you have to look constantly through the viewfinder.

If you decide to purchase a tripod that has a head attached, you will want the head tip to be on the level of your jaw. If you purchase a modular tripod that has a separate head, you have to ensure that the legs are able to end approximately on the shoulder level. Another factor that you have to consider is the height of the tripod whenever you fold while traveling. Are you planning that it fits into your carry-on luggage?

Tripod construction and weight

Weight is quite important as a factor while choosing a tripod. You don’t want to go for a tripod because it happens to be too heavy as you will find yourself leaving at home instead of going with it. When a tripod is lighter, it becomes easier to carry it around and such are made from carbon fiber materials which are known to be extremely stable, durable and don’t rust. While the carbon fiber might be the best material, it comes with a price tag that is quite high

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