Why You Should Be Serious About Dental Health of Your Puppy

Bringing a puppy home comes with a lot of responsibilities. You’re circulating training, getting them nutritious puppy food, constantly checking vets, and injections, and building a lasting bond with your furry new friend. And with their small toothpicks still coming in, dental care may not have crossed your mind. But having a hard time keeping teeth in the dog is just important. Maintaining oral hygiene from the start helps prevent common dental diseases along the way.

Why Should You Care for Your Pet’s Teeth?

  • A pet with healthy teeth is equivalent to a pet with better breathing.
  • Dental diseases can cause problems with pet organs, such as the heart.
  • It is important to check and clean your pet’s teeth regularly, and it is also important to remove plaque from your cat’s teeth
  • Pets who do not receive dental care may lose their teeth painfully-this can be very painful and cause serious health problems.
  • Teeth wear! Your pet gritted his teeth. Know the symptoms to prevent your pet from experiencing severe tooth wear and pain.

What Can You Do To Ensure Proper Oral Health?

Regular Brushing

As a pet caregiver, you must know that brushing is a significant part of dog care. The most practical way to prevent plaque formation is to brush the teeth of your dog 3 times in a week. Make sure you start this habit at an early age, as it is easiest to train a dog at this stage. Be sure that you use the toothpaste that is designed for dogs and puppies.

Feeding The Right Diet

The food you serve your dog can have a straight impact on oral health. The soft homemade healthy dog food does not allow the gums to be removed or massaged. Usually, some kind of trouble is needed to remove the plaque near the top of the dog’s teeth. Dry kibble is nutritious for dogs and can also clean your dog’s teeth and gives a good breath.

Chew Treats

Another effective way to control plaque and tartar formation is with dog chewing sticks or chewing gum treats that are specifically designed to care for dog teeth. A good example for your dog’s daily oral care in pediatric dentistry. Pedigree Dentistry is an X-shaped dog treat specifically designed to clean teeth with a slight abrasive texture that is difficult to reach and aid gum health.

It has also been scientifically proven to help reduce tartar production by 80%. To make dental treatment and cleaning a regular habit, Pedigree Dentistry now comes in a pack of 3 sticks. Dentists should be fed daily to prevent plaque or tartar

Chew Toys

There are many toys on the market that are specially designed for the care of dog teeth. Toys like toothpicks, tooth cleaning sticks, and toothbrush sticks are a great way to keep your cup teeth clean and at the same time keep the mind busy. Consult your pet for the right product

Regular Dental Check-Ups

You should also have your pooch teeth cleaned at least twice a year by a professional veterinarian. This will help you reduce any major infections and keep their teeth and gums healthy.

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