What Is the Importance of Static GK in Bank Exams and How to Prepare It?

The general knowledge section is one of the most scoring parts of the question paper in any competitive exam, including bank entrance or IBPS.

As the name suggests, Static GK refers to the part of the data or information that is almost static and has the least scope of changing, like the capital of any country or state.

Although the details rarely change, the syllabus is vast. This section can draw all your time and energy.

If you have the right study plan and Static GK PDF, it won’t become a hard nut to crack.

What Is the Importance of Static GK in Bank Exams?

Static GK is the backbone of the general awareness section in the bank examinations. It almost covers 40% of the total general awareness and general knowledge section. Topics can vary, but it mostly includes Indian History, Geography, Art and Culture, and Polity.

So it can be said that static GK almost dominates the GK section, and you have to strengthen your knowledge in this field to increase your score.

Static GK Topics to be Covered for Bank Exams 2021

Some of the vital topics that are important this year are:

  • States and Capitals of India
  • Vital Days and Dates
  • Important Signs and Symbols with Meanings
  • List of National Ports
  • National Symbols of India
  • Names of President of India List
  • Important Intelligence Agencies of the World
  • List of Fathers of Various Fields in India & World
  • Important World Organisations
  • First in India and World GK
  • Festivals of Indian States
  • Significant Folk Dances in India
  • Important Conferences & Summits
  • Significant Palaces and Forts
  • Important Lakes in India
  • Important Dams in India
  • Major Temples in India
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and more

How to Prepare for This Section?

  • Construct Your Study Plan – Construct an intricate study plan and follow it thoroughly. Although this strategy can vary from one person to another based on their capability to memorise and remember, everyone needs to spare at least 1 hour every day for the static GK section.
  • Concentrate on Important Topics – You already know that static GK is vast and comprises numerous topics. Therefore, the foremost thing to do is analyse and find out the critical topics from where maximum questions can be asked. Make it a point to cover them all and then go for more.
  • Practice Regularly – This goes without saying that you need to practice as much as you can. Your speed and accuracy will improve the more you practice. Also, solve all the previous years’ question papers to get an idea of what to expect in the exam hall.
  • Try Quizzes Based on Subjects – Apart from solving the previous years’ papers, you also need to practice with a new set of questions, especially at the revision time. This is when daily quizzes will assist you. You will find many miscellaneous and subject-wise quizzes in books and online to boost your preparation. Both these patterns will help you track your weak area and the portions that need more polishing.

Apart from reading newspapers every day, various sources like Static GK PDF and several YouTube channels that are authentic and reliable can help you enhance your knowledge further. Scrutinize and cross-check them and get set to rock your exams.

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