What are Pave Engagement Rings and What are its Most Famous Settings?

When shopping for engagement rings online, it can be daunting to know where to start. This article will make this step go easy for you. This article is more about pave engagement rings. So what are they?

First things first, let’s understand the meaning of pave engagement rings. These very rings are not restricted to any certain designs which make the ring style quite distinct from other kind of ring settings. Almost every engagement ring settings ranging right from the solitaire engagement ring to the split shank engagement rings is decorated elegantly with the pave set diamonds. The name pave engagement ring is arrived from the French word for paved as these rings seem like they have been paved with diamonds. In almost every case, the pave proposal ring in Singapore showcase brilliant cut diamonds precisely and carefully set into the band. But there are also many pave settings that entail extra diamonds as a halo design or even embraced by the prongs or basket settings.

The ideal pave ring

The pave rings are one of the most preferred ring styles as these settings tend to work in a number of combinations. The pave settings tend to pair nicely with each and every metal beginning right from the yellow gold to rose gold to white gold and even platinum engagement rings. The small pave set diamonds improve the shine and sparkle of the smaller center stones in the halo settings and offer extra shine and sparkle to the solitaire ring bands. Most importantly, there is no incorrect way to customize a pave setting engagement ring and this is the very reason to why they are so much preferred by everyone. Another inevitable reason for the same that extra diamonds always add more shine and sparkle.

Famous pave settings

  • The French Cut Cushion Halo Setting

It is most commonly available in 14k yellow gold and showcases the perfect balance of white diamonds and yellow gold and round cut diamonds which may total up to 0.35cttw. You can also swap the cushion cut center stone with the round diamonds if you are more inclined to the latter. The stones beautifully complement the center diamond which makes it a perfect option.

  • The French Cut Basket Setting with Diamonds 1/2 Way.

This ring shines with the diamonds set halfway around the band. The major difference here is that the center stone is more of a solitaire setting. For the same, you may want to go for a larger center diamond to be the focal point. Also choosing the rose gold makes it as a perfect backdrop for the pave set diamonds.

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