The three largest US Virgin Islands and what to do when your there:

The US Virgin Islands just like their counterparts the British Virgin Islands are some of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean and the see an increasing number of visitors every year. Thankfully due to local endeavours and government assistance this has had a great impact both on the islands themselves and their economies. You can rent a st john villa, charter a boat from St. Thomas island or explore the beauty of the other islands during your stay here and know you are having a positive impact on the area and the people who live there.

Before tourism, most of the economy was based on agriculture which although stable didn’t greatly increase the standard of living or development within the islands. But with tourism that all changed. As the islands are quite small you may be forgiven for wondering why they are so popular. Well there are plenty of reasons ranging from white sandy beaches to incredible national parks and a whole host of adventure-based activities for friends and family. We are going to look more in-depth at why the islands are so popular and a few things you can get up to on each island. Let’s look at the three most popular islands and what they have to offer.

St.Croix island:

St.Croix is the largest of the US Virgin Islands and therefore has probably the most to offer visitors to the island, but perhaps not the tranquillity the smaller islands may offer.

The history of the island like its counterpart ranges from Spanish, Danish, British and a few more to its modern-day US incarnation. You can expect to find all the comforts of an American holiday resort to the local Caribbean hospitality and cuisine you would expect to find in the region.

Expect to find a slightly higher quality of service and amenities as it is the main transport a commercial hub of the other islands. Two of its biggest draws is its Golf course and casino where visitors while away their hours interacting with one another and enjoying the cool Caribbean breeze during a round of golf.

Of course, being an island, a visit to the beach is mandatory and so too are the water sports that this entails, but St. Croix has plenty more to offer. You can take part in rum factory tour in which you will learn about the history of distilling on the island and why some of the islanders claim that their rum will not give you a hangover due to the expert nature of their distilling process.

Following this you can then learn about the colonial past of the islands, there importance in the region and how they eventually came to be under the control of the United States, something which greatly increased the livelihoods of people throughout the Virgin Islands and neighbouring areas.

St. John island:

Although the smallest of the three major US Virgin Islands this is probably something which works to its benefit and popularity. You can find deserted beaches, coves and inlets in which you can enjoy your time by yourself or a significant other.

The two major areas on the island being Cruz Bay and Coral Bay you can easily find vacation rentals to suit your needs and budget. Staying in a villa allows you more time to assimilate with the locals and enjoy the relaxed nature of life on the island.

This island and its people pride themselves on the services they provide visitors and they are quite happy to share any hints or tips they may have on tours, places to visit and things to do on the island.

Many of the activities on the island are based around its natural park which covers a large portion of the island. You can expect to find true untouched beauty in the forests of the island and you can discover what the Caribbean would look like with little human interaction.

If you are more of a water person then you can do anything from snorkelling, paragliding to scuba diving in the pristine waters of the island. This island is one people tend to overlook its size, but it has plenty to offer and most likely in a far more untouched beautiful manner than the other islands.

St. Thomas

The most modern of the islands St. Thomas is the one to go to for the more modern Caribbean feel. With all the amenities you expect from other Caribbean islands, St. Thomas is probably the most familiar to people who have been to the region before. This is not to say it doesn’t put its own unique blend on your time on the island.

The island offers an energetic nightlife, countless beaches to explore and a whole host of outdoor activities, St. Thomas is for the livelier among you. Be sure to try the 700-foot Skyride giving you a unique view of the island that others may not get a chance to see.

You can also use its location as a jumping off point for day trips to other islands or for a unique catamaran cruise around other locations near the island. You can also escape some of the more secluded patches on the island if the hustle and bustle are becoming too much.

As you can see these relatively small islands have just as much to offer as their bigger counterparts in the region. You simply must find the right island for you.

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