Should you hire an agency for Facebook marketing in Singapore? Find here!

More than 4.2 million Singaporeans are Facebook users. As a brand owner, you probably realize the potential that social media platforms can offer. When it comes to Facebook advertising Singapore, you have two choices – to create a campaign on your own, or to hire an agency. The whole concept of Facebook advertising is overwhelming to many business owners, because it is critical to make the most of both paid and organic marketing tactics.

Advantages of hiring an agency

Agencies that specialize in Facebook marketing take extra measures to figure out customer demographics and rely on data to create a plan. As such, their approach is more targeted. They know what it takes to create smart ads and how to use contents, video marketing, and Facebook Live to the advantage of the consumers. You can hire your own team for the same, but agencies can get the job done for a lot less money, and their expertise and experience cannot be ignored.

How to get started?

Find agency that has worked with brands with a similar profile and can deliver a concrete plan. You may want to ask about the costs involved and decide on a budget.

If required, do ask for client references.

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