Search for Good Options If You Have Decided to Move to a Senior Living Home

Life provides you an experience to enjoy all your moments with full enthusiasm. However, there comes a phase when you feel that you’re not able to do everything normally like in your younger days. This is when you realize that you would need assistance of someone like your family, friends or nurses for proper care.

Various agencies give you an opportunity to hire nurses at home which not only makes your life easier, but also comfortable because you don’t need to move somewhere else to be looked after. However, some elderly people feel they are capable of doing their household works and just need friends to live happily thus they move to Senior assisted living.

There are three different types of living for aged people –

  • Assisted Living
  • Nursing Home
  • Home Health Care

Assisted Living

Assisted living is different from that of home health care service where senior family members are shifted to studio or one bedroom flat apartment in a community. All kinds of facility are provided by that community which also includes meals. This way they get a chance to stay with people of their age group and enjoy every moment of their remaining life.

Nursing Home

It is good for those who are ill or mentally need fulltime observation. Generally, such elderly member’s expenses are unbearable if nurses are kept at home because apart from their medicine, regular checkup and hourly basis payment of nurse is also involved. Nursing homes keep all individuals in one room or special cases are kept in semi private rooms. Meals are provided accordingly and there is a fixed visiting time.

Home Health Care

This service is catered by most of the families in the United States as it gives elderly loved ones the privilege to stay at home, but under the guidance of a professional. These professionals are hired from agencies or sent by doctor’s recommendation. Nurses are well trained in every household work and also to take important steps during medical emergencies.

Their main objective is to behave like a family member in the absence of real family. This means that they also accompany senior members in walks, watching movies, playing games and chatting.

The expense of residential and independent living is same. In independent living you need to pay for full service and in residential living you pay on hourly basis for the service. Both the services give you a sense of relief when you are unable to devote time to your parents or grandparents.

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