Planning a Longer Ride? These Tips are for You

Cycling helps build endurance and burn fat. It can get you to amazing places, especially if you can take a longer ride than what you used to. Although it can be challenging to ride more miles, proper pedaling and using extra cycling equipment can be helpful in achieving it. If you are looking to take your bike to a longer ride, here are some tips you can consider:

Know what to Expect from the Route

Although it is already challenging enough to add more miles to your ride, encountering unexpected hills could force you to stop and just walk. Thus, it is important to be familiar with the terrain. In case you are excited about riding in a new territory, remember to check the elevation on websites for planning rides. Also, ensure you know the wind’s speed and direction. Apart from informing you the best cycling suit to wear, a stiff wind can have a big say on where your ride is going. Stay updated by checking out

Make Faster, Smoother Pedals

To get to your desired location, you will want to use as less energy as possible, especially during the first few hours of the ride. Pedaling in circles instead of mashing down on your pedals can help your legs manage the ride. Making faster, smoother pedals lets you generate more power through the backstroke.

Eat and Drink Just Enough

Eating too much when going on a ride to keep pace with the amount of energy used up can only make you feel terrible. This is because the majority of the calories will sit in the stomach and you won’t have the energy you need to get through the ride. Although you may lose 30 ounces of fluid every hour while cycling, you just have to consume 16 ounces ever hour to avoid dehydration. Consuming too much water can lead to cramps.

Use Extra Equipment

You will want to enjoy your ride and be comfortable all along. However, riding longer than normal can cause pain the arms, hands, neck or shoulders. You can avoid this by using cycling equipment such as clip-on aero bars. These can allow you to extend your arms further forward. They have pads you can rest your forearms on. But because you may need some skills to get ride your bike with these pieces of equipment, take time to practice before you use them on a long ride.

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