Kind of Document Destruction Services for Secure Disposal Of Private Information

Secure document disposal is essential to make sure that your business information stays protected. Protocol breach can be catastrophic for business, its associates, and clients. Document destruction process needs to be accurate, thorough, and verifiable.

Secure destruction for moldy, contaminated, and wet documents

Mold growth or wet document destruction is hard. Damp or wet paper is a thriving ground for mold. Mold presence is not safe for people handling those documents. The records, which were wet once, are dried but still mold can exist. Such contaminated documents can be unsafe for employees because they get exposed to mold spores in the air. It is employer’s responsibility to avoid such circumstances. It is crucial to approach shredding services


Types of document shredding services

On-site paper shredding service

Representative of bonded shredding service visits your location on a scheduled day with their mobile shredding truck. Locked-consoles where employees dispose documents to be shredded, which have been placed at the office by shedding service are gathered. The documents are fed to the shredder on the truck. High volumes of documents can be shredded in this heavy-duty truck [approx.5000lbs/hour].

Security camera set up allows watching shredding process taking place inside the shredder. Documents are shredded into small pieces like confetti. Destruction certificate is provided and the shredded documents are transported to recycling facility.

Off-site paper shredding service

Locked containers are provided, where employees put the documents needed to be destroyed. On scheduled time shredding service technician visits your workplace, picks the container, and transports it back to shredding facility. Security cameras are installed at the shredding facility, which allows viewing total shredding process.

Documents are fed in the shredding machine and you receive certificate of destruction which includes time and date. Each phase is designed to offer maximum protection to your sensitive documents from the time containers are picked, transported, shredded, and taken to paper recycling plant.

Benefits of hiring professional shredding service

Privacy protection tops your list, while selecting professional shredding provider. There are several benefits of hiring professional shredding providers.

Collection containers in the office allow discarding unwanted documents quickly and securely. Outsourcing saves money by evading the purchase of shredders, disposal bag cost, performing maintenance, repairs or replacement of inoperable shredder machine, and utility expense.

Scheduling regular shredding service reduces the responsibility of disposing documents as per legal protocol. Destruction certificate decreases the possible liability because professional shredders provide this it with time, date, and destruction technique used.

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