How TapShare Stands Out of the Lot

Social media is extremely fast! How often do you hear that a news item is not included in the evening news, but that it had been known through social media much earlier? The launch of new products can therefore be announced very quickly. Much faster than when you, for example, make a flyer to put in consumer mailboxes. When a social media campaign strikes the target group, it can be rapidly spread as an oil slick on social media.

Huge range

Social media are in! As a result, many consumers are active on these online channels. This means that when you start a social media campaign, it will be easily picked up by your target group and in the best case will be shared again. As a result, more and more people will see your message, increasing your name recognition! With Tapshare now the moments are also getting preserved among the target groups only.

The snowball effect

Many people are actively present on various social media channels. This makes it very likely that an interesting message will be shared by a lot of people, which will create a sort of snowball effect. The message will thus spread rapidly!

Positive influence on SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is mainly applied to websites, but it is also very important for social media. When you publish good content that is popular among other social media users, Google will consider it relevant as a result of which you will find it easier to find in the search engines.

Social media marketing is measurable

Many social networking sites can display statistics from the business page. This allows you to easily and quickly check the size of your messages, when your fans are online. This will give you relevant information about your target group. This way you can check what the better messages were, which time was the largest. So you can better align your strategy to your target group.

Social media marketing is measurable

The use of social media channels is free. The only thing that costs is the time that goes into managing and maintaining your social channels.

Easy interaction with target groups

Interaction on social media is not difficult! You have to know well what your target audience wants. Only when what you post meets their needs can you generate a social interaction. You can also generate interaction by responding to messages from your target group.

Mobile use

Social media is a mobile phenomenon! More and more consumers are using social media via their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can reach them at anytime and anywhere, at least if they have a working internet connection. Thanks to this mobile revolution, consumers can at all times consult the internet and the social media to look up information about a company or product.

Each of us does use a social network like Tapshare. We use this method of online communication to stay informed of the activities of friends and of current events. But disadvantages can also be linked to these social networks, for example hot topics such as privacy and the resale of personal information on user profiles.

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