Here’s Why You Need Sparkle Cleaning Services For Cleaning Your Office!

Business premises and offices are expected to be clean, well-maintained and sanitary. As the facility manager, you have to pay adequate attention to upkeep and maintenance. Even a decade back, many companies would hire cleaners and janitors on their payroll. Now, it is all about outsourcing. There are many commercial cleaning services Melbourne, but one that stands out is Sparkle Office. In this post, we will review Sparkle Cleaning Services, which has changed the norms of the local industry.

What’s on offer?

Sparkle Cleaning Services deals in both commercial and residential cleaning services. This is a leading and top-rated name when it comes to commercial cleaning, deep cleaning, high pressure cleaning, window cleaning and carpet cleaning. They also offer custom cleaning services for the maintenance of gyms, eateries and restaurants.

Background and relevant details

Sparkle Cleaning Services is based out of French St, Victoria, Australia. The company, however, has services in most parts of Melbourne and adjoining areas. Unlike other services, they don’t outsource contracts. Instead, they have a team of over 300 cleaners and staff members, who have been trained within the company. In just 10 years, the company has managed to completed more than 250 projects successfully, and they have over 90 awards to their credit. Every cleaner working for Sparkle Cleaning Services has gone through a screening process, besides additional training for all processes.

Getting a quote

As mentioned, Sparkle Cleaning Services offers custom services, so there are no fixed slabs for pricing. When you contact the company, they will send their managers or executives to discuss your cleaning needs. If you need regular services, you can opt for a yearly contract, which includes the cost of supplies and equipment they use. The pricing is affordable, but at the same time, the company ensures that their client’s hassles are minimized. They have all the latest equipment, and their cleaners can get the job done before or after the working hours, so that productivity is not hampered. If you are in support of green cleaning, they can use planet-friendly supplies too.

When it comes to office cleaning services Melbourne, it is always best to rely on the best company in town. Sparkle Cleaning Services offers all that you expect and more. To know their services better, you can check their website or call their customer care number. The company is also willing to share client references, on request.

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