Go Beyond Basics to Light Up Kids Rooms

Lighting is a crucial part of your interior design. Gone are the days when the lighting was only used to illuminate the room. Modern lighting designs can not only illuminate the space but also enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room while providing visual clarity in task-oriented areas. Whether you are designing an adult’s bedroom or a kid’s bedroom, lighting is equally important. Hence, make sure you choose the right lighting fixtures when planning your children’s bedroom design. There are many lighting fixtures available in the market that you can choose for your kid’s bedroom. If you are not sure about which one you should pick, here are a few options you can consider:

01 of 04 Light up the room interiors with pendant lights

You can consider installing pendant lights in your children’s bedroom design. These are hanging lights that look quite elegant in the room. Further, you can install them near task-oriented places like above the study table so that that area stays properly illuminated when your kids study. For added illumination and aesthetic beauty, you can hang a few pendant lights in a row. However, you will have to be very careful when installing hanging lights like a pendant light. If you hang it too low, it can get within your kid’s range. Since kids tend to be careless, they can hit the light by mistake. To avoid such accidents, experts always suggest installing hanging lights a little higher in kids’ bedrooms. Also, consider choosing a minimalist and sleek option for the space.

02 of 04 Set a table lamp in your kids’ bedroom

A table lamp is one of the most popular and effective lighting fixtures you can install in any room. Whether you are decorating an adult’s bedroom or your kids’ bedroom, you can always consider a table lamp for lighting. It is the perfect task light that can be set almost anywhere. Mostly, people keep them by the bed, on the study table, or near the vanity if the general lighting does not prove to be sufficient. Sometimes, it can be used as a night light as well. There are many designs of table lamps available. Make sure you very carefully choose the style to ensure that it matches the look of your children’s bedroom design and reflects their taste. Besides the body of the table lamp, pay attention to the lampshade design. You can easily find different types of lampshades in the market. Instead of trying to focus on aesthetic beauty, take your children’s likings into consideration while choosing one. However, make sure you never place the table lamp on the edge of any furniture. If the kids run around in the room, they might accidentally topple it. Also, keep cords and switches out of the way, especially when it is placed right beside the bed.

03 of 04 get focus lights for optimum lighting

There are a few dark spots often left in the room where the light cannot reach even after you install lights in the room. You should not leave any dark space in your kids’ room. Leaving a few spaces dark can lead to accidents as well. This is why experts suggest installing focus lights in kids’ bedrooms. These lighting fixtures are perfect for lighting all those places where the room’s lighting cannot reach properly. By installing focus lights in accident-prone areas, you can reduce the chance of any accident and ensure your kids’ safety. Commonly, focus lights are installed near the study desk to keep the space illuminated. If your kids’ bedroom has a bunk bed, you can install focus lights on both levels as reading lights too.

04 of 04 Do not forget about night lights

At an early age, many kids are afraid of the dark. You should keep this in mind when designing the lighting of your children’s bedroom design. If your kid is afraid too, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that he or she does not feel scared at night. This problem can be solved by installing light nights in the bedroom. Night lights are designed to have a soft glow that helps to keep the room illuminated without disturbing anyone’s sleep. Your kid can go to the washroom as well without turning on other lights. If you want to elevate the beauty of the space, you can consider choosing a stylish option. These lights are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes. Also, there are two variants of this light. You can either choose the option that has to be permanently installed or the temporary one that does not require drilling or re-wiring for the bedroom design.

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