Exploring Westport In New Zealand

This jewel along the northern West Coast of New Zealand is the quintessential port  town, featuring unbelievable views and lots of adventures to get into. For travellers on a campervan hire new zealand journey along the west coast, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. There are many attractions here including a wide number of heart pumping adrenaline junkie activities, plus a lively nightlife and friendly local atmosphere. The locals are well used to travellers, backpackers, and campervan riders passing through the area and are known to be welcoming and helpful. If you decide to make the right choice and spend a couple of days in this classic coastal town, then you should definitely check out some of these spots.

Old Ghost Road

One of the top biking trails in New Zealand, Old Ghost Road is a thrilling and scenic trail that stretches along the coast and through the surrounding rocky terrain. Guided tours are available where local experts will take you out and display the hidden beaches that lie along this massive stretch of undeveloped beach. You can also set out on your own, but keep in mind that this trail is for the experienced biker since it features many steep inclines, sheer rock surfaces, and boulders to hop. In a country full of great bike trails, this one id definitely near the top of the list.

The Denniston Plateau

A hike on the Denniston Plateau will make you feel as if you have entered a whole new world. The views here are absolutely epic, and since the surface is relatively flat you will be afforded 360 degree views of the majestic surrounding region. There are parts of this plateau that are truly otherworldy, where massive rock formations combine with the red rock base to create a beautifully eerie vibe that backpackers and hikers just love. Whether you’re just in the market for a long hike or looking to camp out under the massive skies and a canopy of stars, the Deniston is not to be missed.


This one is an absolute must. Oparara features an interesting combination of terrains and ecosystems, making for one of the most unique natural spots in all of New Zealand. Here you will find a series of unbelievable caves and massive arches that have been in place for hundreds of thousands of years. It is highly recommended that you take a tour of these caves, as you will no doubt ever experience anything quite like it. Your guide will take you deep into the subterranean world where you can admire the limestone walls, the incredible rock formations, and the sense of peace and calm that envelopes visitors. Experienced cavers can even enter on their own, and any cave enthusiast will definitely be impressed with what they find.

The Rainforest

 No campervan hire new zealand journey would be complete without a rainforest hike, and the Westport region will give you ample opportunity. Just inland from the shore lies a massive expanse of prime unspoiled rainforest with colorful canopies, ancient trees, and an abundance of native wildlife. There are a number of rainforest tours available which will take you deep along the forest trails. This lush, tropical forest is a sight of true majesty, featuring jungle streams and rare birds galore, not to mention the colorful vegetation and flowers. You most definitely want to experience this, so make sure to pencil in a rainforest tour during your time in Westport.

Nelson Lakes

The ocean isn’t the only body of water in the Westport region. The nearby Nelson Lakes are a string of large bodies of water stretching over many acres and featuring an abundance of wildlife and sights. Here you will see pelicans, ducks, and many other types of water fowl, not to mention dozens of rare birds  that will have your binoculars out for hours at a time. The land itself is gorgeous, with incredible vegetation lining the glistening series of lakes. It is highly advised that you take a boat tout out onto the lakes. A local expert will be able to guide you to all the best spots, pointing out many natural wonders and filling you in on the rich natural history of the region.

Many travellers claim that Westport is the perfect west coat town, featuring all of the attractions and benefits of the coastal surroundings. From undeveloped coastline to vast meadows to rocky terrains, the coastline is an incredible thing to explore. Inland, the rainforests and lake district offer a vast array of camping, hiking, boating, and fishing opportunities. World class bike trails abound, and the abundance of natural beauty and wildlife are truly stunning. For travelers lucky enough to be embarking on a campervan hire new zealand adventure along the west coast, Westport is a must-stop.

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