Buying Car: Five Tricks That Will Help You Get the Best Deal

While buying a car, with so many options around, it’s likely that one easily gets confused. No matter, whether you’re looking for a brand new luxury car or a used Mercedes, you can grab a good deal with some tricks. We have listed certain tricks that will help you buy your dream car.

Do your homework

Before you walk to the showroom decide the type of car you want to buy. Surf online and make a list of all the reasonable options. Once you have a list, you can narrow it with the option that is well suited to you.

Always go for the test drive. This will give you a clear idea about whether the car you’re buying is worth the purchase. Don’t just ride, carefully check everything.

Know the price

If you’re buying a brand-new car, browse the manufacturer’s website or some price quoting websites to know the official price of the car. Knowing the price quote can help you a lot to bargain, if you’ve decided to negotiate with the price.

If you’re buying a second-hand car, determine what your dealer has actually paid for the used car when he bought it. Now how to do that? It’s easy, just call any other dealer and give an impression that you’re interested in trading a car. This way, you can enquire better and know the actual price of the car that you’re interested in buying.

Have patience        

A sales representative knows how to convince you in the flashy deals, it’s his job. Don’t fall for the words. Don’t hesitate to walk away anytime, if the deal does not turn in your favor, remember that you’re investing a lot of money and there are other dealers too.

For a used car, wait for the right time to buy. Most dealers don’t want to keep their inventory for more than 3 months. Look for such options.


If you’re making an outright purchase, don’t disclose your purchase method until late or else you’re at disadvantage. Car dealers usually want to sell their cars on finance. This is because there are certain manufacturers incentive schemes and subsidies, which make packages more attractive.

Play it cool

A smart dealer will immediately know that you’re desperate to buy the car and this is where you lose, especially while negotiating the price.

Buying a car is probably everyone’s dream and the feeling of buying a car is amazing. So, make the right deal!

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