All you need to know about the Xfinity TV packages

If you are thinking of switching to the Xfinity TV service, it would be a good option. Currently, Xfinity TV services offer over 185 live TV channels to its users. Not only this, but Xfinity TV also has a vast on-demand library for its customers, the Xfinity Stream app, the X1 DVR and voice remote service, and finally, a pretty wide availability compared to all of its competitors. Another massive benefit in terms of Xfinity TV is that it offers the customer is to go for the non-bundling options. However, in the case of non-bundling options, the prices may be slightly higher.

However, if you compare the prices of Xfinity with its competitors, you will realize that the competitors are actually expensive. The other competitors who are offering lower prices do not provide the vast number of channels that you received from Xfinity. They also have high HD or DVR fees as well as the agreements are compulsory. Therefore, overall, Xfinity prices are OK. They are not too cumbersome on the pocket if you compare them with the other cable TV service providers.

Xfinity might be a better option under certain circumstances. These circumstances would be

  • Are you planning to bundle up your connections like TV and cable together? Then you should go for Xfinity.
  • Are you planning to change your current cable TV service provider?
  • Do you feel that the number of channels provided to you in your current TV plan is not enough according to the price?

Advantages of opting for Xfinity TV packages

  • They have wide availability.
  • The availability of the Xfinity streaming app for viewing the shows on mobile while on the move.
  • Unique voice remote and X1 DVR service.

When should you not opt for Xfinity TV services?

  • If you do not wish to opt for 12 to 24 months contract
  • The fees of HD and DVR services are pretty high
  • Higher prices of the individual plans

Xfinity deals and bundles

With Xfinity, there are many options available to bundle up your TV and Internet plans. If you choose to bundle up the plans, you will be saving more than opting for individual projects. The details of the individual plants are mentioned as follows.

Popular double play

This bundle starts at $79.99 per month. It offers over 125 channels to users. Some popular channels included in this bundle package are HG TV, FX, MTV, to name a few. This plan offers a download speed of 300 MBPS.

Ultimate double play

This budget line starts at $109.99 per month. It offers over 185 channels to its users. Some of the popular channels that are part of this model are the DIY Network, cooking channel, ESPNU, etc. The download speeds in this bundle go up all the way to 600 MBPS.

Premier double play

This bundle plan starts at a price of $134.99 per month. It offers over 185 channels to its users. Some of the common channels included in this bundle package are the cooking channel, ESPNU, DIY Network, and many more. The download speed, in this case, goes all the way up to 1200 MBPS.

Bundling up with the phone services

Xfinity, like in the case of spectrum communications, also offers triple bundling packages. The triple bundling packages would involve the TV plan, the phone plan as well as the Internet plan all in one. If you belong to your household that requires all three connections, you should opt for the triple bundle plans. Triple bundle plans will allow you to save more on your monthly budget as well as be able to avail excellent services in all three plans.

Xfinity TV packages

Even though Xfinity may not offer its customers all the channels in its cable packages as the other providers would, you have to understand that Xfinity provides the most popular channels. Furthermore, Xfinity offers the channels in HD. Following this, there is a vast selection of premium channels in the add-on packs. All you have to do is customize your channel plan according to your needs and requirements and pay for it.

Some popular channels available on Xfinity

  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • Comedy Central
  • Disney, Disney XD and Disney Junior
  • Bravo
  • Fox News
  • Nat Geo
  • Nickelodeon
  • TBS
  • Lifetime

Some premium channels available on Xfinity

  • Cinemax
  • HBO
  • EPIX
  • Showtime
  • TMC

And many more

Equipment with Xfinity TV

Most of the gadgets that are available with the TV package or the bundle packages include an additional monthly fee. Here is a list of the devices or gadgets that are needed in case of the bundle plans

  • Xfinity X1
  • Xfinity flex
  • Xfinity voice remote
  • Xfinity Stream app
  • Xfinity on demand
  • Peacock

The lower channel count and high fees of DVR and HD make Xfinity one of the high-priced options.

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