A Guide to choosing the best coffee for you

A hot cup of your favourite coffee is the best way to start your day. It wakes you up, energises you and smells heavenly which is a huge advantage! Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world and a lot of coffee drinkers are obsessed with their drink.  Many coffee drinkers have their own preferences and methods of coffee making. Some even involve measuring the amount of coffee used, an electric kettle, a French press, a coffee maker a frothing machine etc.

Coffee making in today’s world is looked at as an art of its own. It is something that people find joy in doing and take time out to make the best coffee for themselves. Coffee making has become a ritual to many today and each coffee has a different coffee price for you to choose from. If you want to start on your coffee journey, here’s a beginner’s guide to help you find what you might like.

While entering the world of coffee, you will soon find yourself at a crossroads because of Ground coffee and Instant coffee. These are the two kinds of coffees available in the market and often confuse consumers while deciding.

Ground coffee

The process of Ground coffee requires picking coffee cherries and separating the coffee beans. Then the coffee beans are ground to a particular size and packaged. Hence ground coffee, as its name suggests is just coffee beans that are ground into a smaller size. No other change takes place and hence ground coffee is known to be the most flavourful and rich type of coffee.

How is Instant coffee different?

Instant coffee is also Ground coffee and is made in the same way, but it is later additionally brewed and dried to give us granular, drinkable coffee powder. Ground coffee is not brewed, but Instant coffee is. Therefore, it is said that Instant coffee flavour is not as rich as Ground coffee.

Whilst having their differences, these two kinds of coffees also have their own benefits. For someone who wants to have a rich experience of coffee and has the time to brew their coffee, Ground coffee is a better option. Especially if they want an authentic coffee experience that they might get in cafes.

For people who lead a busy lifestyle and have no time to make their own coffee, Instant Coffee is a saviour. With more and more coffee manufacturers coming up with better technology, Instant coffee has been packing flavour and some richness too.

There are several brands available in the market that sell both types of coffees. However, one of the top brands that sell both Ground coffee and Instant Coffee is ITC Sunbean. It has a range of Gourmet Coffees that are Ground Coffees made from coffee beans from all around the world. This range will surely delight coffee connoisseurs!

Beaten coffee

Sunbean also has an Instant Coffee product, the Sunbean Strong Instant Coffee which is made from ITC’s experience of serving instant coffee in their hotels for decades. For instant coffee lovers, this strong and flavourful coffee is sure to wake you up instantly.

Another great coffee product by this brand has to be the Sunbean Beaten Caffe which is a pre-made beaten coffee paste with water and sugar added. All you need is hot milk and you’re good to go! This is a good variant of Instant coffee when you want frothy milky coffee!

So, which type of coffee will you choose?

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